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Air Cooling, Fanning and Humidifiying.

3in1 Tower Fan with Evaporative Air Cooler and Humidifier

One lightweight, energy-saving, air comfort system, this air cooler Refresh gives you breathable comfort.

It’s a 3in1 with attentive new features.

Evaporative cooling works by reducing heat through the natural process of evaporation. An internal pump circulates water through a honeycomb cooling pad. As the fan draws air through the drenched pad, the warm air passing through the unit becomes cool with a hint of moistness. For a brisker coolness, pack ice into the ice tray. For humidifying, adjust the fan speed to low in evaporative cooling mode.

Irrigation System

Easily Add Water

Top Load Ice

Total Sleep Mode

Antibacterial Honeycomb

Portable and energy saving

Built to cool local areas

new in box port price call me if interested.

₵ 370

J.H.E air cooler

Mataheko, Mataheko, Greater Accra
Jun 10
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Mataheko, Mataheko, Greater Accra
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